Thursday, October 1, 2009

Who Do You Say That I Am? Museum

I inaugurated my first sermon in Tempe with my first major interactive/collaborative art project. The sermon was on Mark 8:27-38, in which Jesus asks, "Who do you say that I am?" Following the theme of identity I gave sincerest flattery to Project X and developed an interactive museum that was designed to elicit stories about parishioners that they would share with me and each other.

The main feature of the museum is a recording station which prompts visitors to record stories about themselves (for some reason Blogger insists on displaying these sideways).
Next to it, is a listening station where visitors can listen to the stories that have previously been recorded. The stories can also be heard online at the church's website.
We've collected about ten stories so far. People seem hesitant to record their voice. The other exhibits, however, have been receiving a lot of attention.
It turns out we have a significant European population, as well as someone from Libya and Colombia.

You can see more pictures (and some old that are properly oriented) here.