Sunday, June 7, 2009

Queens Museum of Art

Because I'm operating out of internet cafes, the posts for the next week will be shorter than usual, and you'll have to wait until I get back before I upload large galleries of pictures. Still, I've got some interesting stuff to report.

I went to Queens Museum of Art, outside of which Free Style Art Association had an awesome interactive art project: remote-controlled cars with pens attached to them driving on a giant piece of paper.

The idea is ingenious because it completely bypasses the need for a technical knowledge of how to create art, and kids are instantaneously attracted to it. This sort of interactive art that anyone can join in without needing skill or large time commitment is precisely what Free Style Arts specializes in. For the past ten years they've been pushing community-based art in Queens and have successfully teemed-up with businesses organizations and the city to make institutions in the area very conscious about creative public engagement. I'll be seeing more of their work next weekend.

The Queens Museum of Art also had a "Mobile Museum" cart filled with art materials that anyone can use for free. The cart is pushed around Flushing Meadows-Corona Park (which is actually larger than Central Park and has some amazing attractions and sculptures) and passerbys are invited to check it out.
There was also a free puppet show. Afterwards, once the kids had gotten all excited about puppets, there was a free puppet-making workshop.

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MF Connection said...

These cars are so early 21st-century USA. This sort of art is all about expressing oneself, regardless of skills, and uses the skills lots of young people have and enjoy. No tyranny of a professional elite, as often happens in the mass media. It's similar to radio call-in shows, or making one's own music at a barn dance. The logical extension of everyone talking in the classroom, regardless of his or her official rank . The message's quality is the only authority it needs.
The park looks wonderful. I often think of the trip you and I made on the subway through Queens (you were four)to the zoo.