Sunday, July 12, 2009

Art Drive!

Several folks have been asking about my newly acquired transportation. As such, I've created a quiz.

Which of the following vehicles (all of which have been part of my travels) is mine?






If you guessed E), you're correct! It's a two-door Honda Civic with a manual transmission.

A) and B) were buses used at the Network of Ensemble Theaters national summit to transport people to plays.

C) is a van that I passed each day on my way to the NET summit

D) is a car owned by the director of Children's Healing Art Project, an organization that uses at with sick children at hospitals. The car is taken to various fundraisers where people donate a dollar to paint it. The director then drives it around (and yes, it has gotten very heavy through the layers of paint).

1 comment:

MFConnection said...

Those buses and vans do say that the owners are committed to looking different, and so being different from the corporate model.
You're keeping your palette cleansed, ready for a wide range of visual art expressions - and getting way better gas milage to help keep the skies blue.