Sunday, April 15, 2012

Holy (Week) (Seed) Hand Grenade!

During Holy Week, I teamed up with Lutheran Church of the Messiah and St. John's Lutheran Church to make sacred seed bombs.  The process was structured to follow the Holy Week pattern of viscous liquids, dirt, brokenness, and new life.

  • What Jesus Did:  Gets invited over for dinner and gets covered in oil by unnamed woman (Mark 14:1-11).
  • What the Congregations Did: Bake bread for the services of Holy Week.  
  • What Sacred Seed Bombers Did:  In the baking process, blow eggs, so that contents of the shell can be used for food while keeping the empty shell intact.  Get covered in egg during blowing attempt.
  • What Jesus Did:  Washes the dirt from disciples' feet.  Tells them to love one another (John 13).
  • What the Congregations Did:  Wash the dirt from people's feet.
  • What Sacred Seed Bombers Did:  Fill empty egg shells with dirt and flower seeds.  Write messages of love and hope on the egg shells.
  • What Jesus Did:  Gets crucified, killed, and buried (Mark 15).
  • What the Congregations Did:  Recount the breaking of Jesus' body and our own brokenness.
  • What Sacred Seed Bombers Did:  Break eggs by throwing them into an abandoned lot.

Easter Sunday (and Season)
  • What Jesus Did:  Rises from death to new life. Gets mistaken for a gardener (John 20:1-18).
  • What the Congregations Did:  Celebrate Jesus rising from the dead.  Look for eggs.
  • What Sacred Seed Bombers Did:  Look for new flowers/life to rise in an abandoned lot from the broken shell of eggs/love.  Become guerrilla gardeners.

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