Friday, May 25, 2012

Bushwick Open Studios

Next weekend is Bushwick Open Studios. I'll be joining in the festivities with The Parade of Art, Saturday June 2nd!  

In collaboration with Spread Art and Animamus Salon, “The Parade of Art” will gather outside the Morgan L stop on Bogart St at noon and promenade with ‘Speaker of the Dead’ gypsy, brass, folk, punk band to the The Animamus Art Salon hub for the weekend, Starr Street Studios (207 Starr Street)!  

Before the parade by the Morgan L stop, I'll have a make-your own-thurible station out of tin cans so that people can billow waves of incense during the parade.  
After the parade (closer to about 3:00pm), I'll be doing giant soap bubble painting  on the block between Starr Street Studios (207 Starr St) and Maria Hernandez Park, one block south of Starr Street Studios with folks visiting from Organic Faith in Buffalo.  

If you're around, stop by and join in!   

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