Thursday, March 7, 2013

Crucificado Art Show

On the 2057 anniversary of Julius Caesar's assassination and two weeks before the commemoration of Jesus' execution, artists from a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds have been invited to take over the sanctuary of St. Paul's Lutheran Church with art that explores who we kill today.
Opening reception 7pm, March 15th with light refreshments and live music by:
Spark and Echo -- 7pm
Spanish Flamenco Music by Silvio Solis -- 8pm
Performance Art by Caroline Rothstein -- 9pm
Kristen Leigh -- 9:15pm
RSVP for the reception on Facebook.
Art will be available for viewing:
Saturday (3/16) and Sunday (3/17) 1:30-4:30pm
Monday (3/18) - Wednesday (3/20) 3pm - 7pm
Featuring paintings, sculptures, installations, photography by:
Ari Dallas
Nicholas Burgess
Krystal Grant
Mikhail Poloskin
Students from El Puente
Students from Parsons
Christopher Rini
Roz Dimon
Harriet Faith
Marie Stile
Mark Hill
Ali Jacobs
Miguel A. Hernandez
Gigi Chen
Caroline Rothstein
Elizabeth Reed
Janet Culbertson
Terry Lynn LeCompte
Donald Baker
Lauren Ferebee
Jen Browne
Ana O'Keefe
Geraldo Mercado
And More!

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