Friday, June 8, 2012

Soap Bubble Service

A few weeks ago, the pastor of Organic Faith in Buffalo, NY sent me an email saying his community was planning a mission trip to NYC entitled "This is Church."  He thought I might be able to put his crew to use while simultaneously giving them another perspective of what church is.  
So when the folks from Organic Faith arrived in Brooklyn, I put them to work spreading joy by inviting people in Bushwick to make giant soap bubbles filled with food coloring and catching them on foam board.   

The crew was divided into two teams.  One team hung out on the sidewalk in front of Animamus Art Salon and played with the hipsters/artists wandering around Bushwick Open Studios

One team went to the local park and played with the neighborhood kids.
Both teams got covered in the messy colors of random strangers creating beauty together. 

At the end of the day, when pressed to tie the experience in to the theme of "This is Church," one of the people from Organic Faith responded, “I guess I just realized that the Church is just SO MUCH MORE than I ever thought of before!  Really, anything can be church… life is church.” Sounds good to me.  May it always be filled with the invitation to make giant bubbles of color.  Amen.
Check out more of Organic Faith's reflections and pictures of the experience here.

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