Friday, June 8, 2012

Upcoming! Giant Coloring Book

Next week the city is planning to shut down half of the Williamsburg Bridge pedestrian/bike path.  Chaos is expected to ensue as the same number of bikes and pedestrians try to fit in half the space.
What would help put people in a better mood as they prepare to navigate the crowded bridge? How about a giant paint-your-own-adventure coloring book!

That's right, we spent the past couple of a weeks creating a 5 foot tall coloring book about an Elephant on roller skates who tries to cross the Williamsburg bridge!  Each page is available for coloring using paint brushes, because crayons just can't handle this scale!  But wait, there's more!  Each page is specially customized with questions about what is happening in the picture.  You answer these questions and decide the characters' fate by choosing which colors to paint the scene!
Why is the elephant crossing the bridge?

  1. She can't sleep at night and is wandering randomly
  2. She is going to a party on the other side
  3. Her family is enslaved by an evil penguin and she is going to rescue them
  4. Extreme ennui 
Come Saturday, June 16th, 2:30pm, to the Continental Army Plaza at the (only) pedestrian entrance to the Williamsburg bridge, paint your answer and bring some mellowness to stressed out hipsters!    


V said...

Kickass, B.

Ben McKelahan said...

Thanks! Ari Dallas deserves the credit. He came up with the original idea and did the illustration.