Saturday, August 8, 2009

Berkeley Activity Schedule

Now that I've finished with most of my travels, I'm entering into the synthesis phase in which I internalize what I've seen by making my own community creating collaborative art.

I have three events planned.

Friday, August 7, 5pm-8pm: Painting with giant soap bubbles! Soap suds mixed with dye mean that when bubbles pop they leave a giant colored stain. Everyone can join in on the art making. Inspired by Free Style Arts Association. Willard Park, Berkeley.

Sunday, August 9, 2:15-4pm: Living Cartoon. The goal is to create interaction between people in front of the downtown Berkeley BART station that is both fun and causes people to reflect upon the space in which they exist. To this end, passersby will be asked to offer adjectives, people types, etc. that they associate with the area. Three actors will interpret suggestions to create a tableaux that interacts with the unique physical space. Passersby will then be asked to pick random numbers; these numbers will correspond to quotations overheard and recorded earlier in the same space. These quotations will be written on giant poster-board "thought bubbles." When three numbers are picked, the corresponding "thought bubble" quotations will be placed behind actors to create a single-frame cartoon. Digital pictures will be taken and uploaded to; business cards with this address will be provided to passersby who participate or inquire. Inspired by Elana McKernan.

Wednesday, August 12, 7:30-9pm: Interactive Story-telling/sharing. An evening of sharing and creating stories from your own experience and biblical narratives. Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in, because your whole body is a tool and repository of knowledge for storytelling. No acting, movement, or storytelling background is necessary; guidance will be provided and you can choose your level of participation. Theory and technique inspired by Augusto Boal and Michael Rohd. University Lutheran Chapel (corner of College and Haste).

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