Friday, August 7, 2009

Community TV Revisited

Six weeks ago, Nick and I created a "Community TV" in the Albany Bulb. The goal was to create a piece that would encourage others to add and change it positively and within the same spirit and artistic vision.

A week later, a friend took this picture. The TV seems essentially unchanged.

Yesterday, Nick and I returned to find that the back was completely tagged over and the antennas were knocked over (though from the pile of rocks, it seems someone tried to prop them up).

The murals by Sniff are still visible, though they have a few more tags on them.
The front, however, is a success! Someone has added a great new screen within the TV frame!
"REKN" has written on the top (still respecting the TV frame), "Brake UR T.V."
So Nick and I repositioned antenna, and all is well.
The remote is still looking good.

All in all, I think my first attempt at creating community interactive art went well.

Also, I briefly met with Ava, the founder and director of We Players, a Bay Area theatre company that does large-scale site specific work that aims "to bring communities together, reclaiming local spaces for public discourse and civic celebration through art." Readers may remember the production of Macbeth that took place in Fort Point last year. Ava talked about her desire to bring a sense of magic and wonder at the artistic beauty that constantly surrounds us in our life, if we would only notice it. Her work stems entirely from the the space which she encounters, and she picks the plays she does based on what feels right for the space (for instance, she did a production of the Tempest at the Albany Bulb). Currently she's the artist in residence for Alcatraz, so if you're in the Bay Area, keep an eye for events happening there over the next year.


MFConnection said...

The new image on the screen is outstanding. I'm intrigued that the back is totally tagged ( maybe obliterated says it better )but the front is an intact and new work of art. I wonder how long the new front has been there. Clearly you inspired somebody, one thoughtful enough to to write an ironic message along with the image.

Ben Colahan said...

Friends who were kayaking past said they saw people painting on the new screen about a week before this post went up.

I think the message is written by someone other that the painters of the screen. The signature of the "Brake UR TV" matches one of the tags on the back. I did appreciate that the tagger respected the frame of the TV, though.