Sunday, August 9, 2009

Interactive Live Action Comic-Strip!

The goal was to create interaction between people in front of the downtown Berkeley BART station that was both fun and caused people to reflect upon the space in which they exist.

To this end, passersby were asked to offer adjectives, people types, etc. that they associate with the area. Three actors interpreted suggestions to create a tableaux that interacts with the physical space. Passersby were then asked to pick random numbers; these numbers corresponded to quotations overheard and recorded earlier in the same space. These quotations were written on giant poster-board "thought bubbles." When two numbers are picked, the corresponding "thought bubble" quotations were placed behind actors to create a single-frame cartoon. Business cards were handed out with this address so that passersby could see the pictures.
(clicking on a photo will enlarge it)

We had great participation from the people walking by, and people seemed to really enjoy seeing what their suggestions produced.

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Hudson Street Cafe said...

Wow! Reminds me of my daughter's writing assignment at her summer institute at Skidmore...she had to collect graffiti and write a poem using the phrases she found...I'd love to see more of the faces of the passersby and am jealous of the actors who got to have their audience so close by! Looking forward to more of this art!